Frequently Asked Questions

What is “transitional care”?

“Transitional care” is a specially designed environment with the intent to help a patient further recuperate after a hospital procedure. This environment provides patients and their families time for healing and preparation for a successful transition to the home. Transitional care fills the gap of care between the patient’s hospital stay and going home. It is usually a short stay ranging from approximately 7 to 20 days. 

How is Charleston Transitional Care different from a nursing home?

Charleston Transitional Care is a state-of-the-art environment with spacious private rooms and a number of amenities that are designed to make a patient’s stay comfortable and to facilitate a more effective transition to home. Care is provided by professionals emphasizing short term recuperation and intensive recovery rather than long term care. Charleston Transitional Care is positioned to fill the gap of care between leaving the hospital and going home.

Why is transitional care needed?

Healthcare is ever-changing and complex. Hospitals offer extraordinary life-saving and life-transforming services/procedures to address acute medical conditions. Specialists offer an ever-expanding range of orthopedic, pulmonary, cardiac, and cancer therapies and procedures that give many patients new hope. However, these advancements often come with an extensive road to recovery.

A great deal of pressure is placed upon providers to discharge patients from hospitals promptly. The average “length of stay” at hospitals has declined significantly over time. In-patient hospital stays are now generally measured in hours, not days.

Patients may be discharged from the “acute care” (hospital) setting in a condition where they need to develop more strength, skills, and energy as they heal. Some of these patients don’t have the ability to do that successfully at home—hence the need for “transitional care”.

What benefit does Charleston Transitional Care offer to other providers in this area?

Hospitals, physicians, and other referral sources face challenges in having their patients placed in an appropriate care environment, especially during those crucial days and weeks recuperating from a procedure or injury. Charleston Transitional Care offers these providers an environment and range of services to help their patients recover and build strength so that the patients have an improved opportunity for success when returning to home. We work closely with other providers to provide a strong continuity of patient-centered care in an appealing setting.

Is Charleston Transitional Care just another traditional nursing home environment?

Not at all. Charleston Transitional Care is not a wing, unit, hall, or section of a long-term-care nursing home. While co-located alongside Eastbrook Center, Charleston Transitional Care is a distinctive care setting, providing game-changing service offerings geared to post acute patient care.

Charleston Transitional Care is designed precisely and exclusively for the short-stay, return-to-home patient. Charleston Transitional Care offers an all-new therapy gym and amenities (private rooms, fine dining, a cafe, big screen TVs, a place for patients to transact their work privately, etc.) to support high quality, customized therapy and care in a modern, comfortable, and productive environment.

There is nothing else like Charleston Transitional Care in our community. The current state of healthcare in our country has created a void in care continuity. We are excited to be a part of the solution in our community by helping our patients stay close, get well, and go home.

We hope you tour Charleston Transitional care to see the difference for yourself!

Any fun facts about the new Charleston Transitional Care?

  • It’s private: 48 private rooms with private baths
  • It’s spacious: new construction is 38,385 square feet
  • It’s modern: over 15,000 linear feet (or about 3 miles) of data cabling installed and features 9 WiFi hotspot hubs
  • It’s bright: 900 light fixtures and 200 windows
  • It’s finally ready: took over 20 months and about 300 workers to complete

Stay Close. Get Well. Go Home.



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