Charleston Transitional Care

at Eastbrook

State-of-the-Art Transitional Care Has Arrived!

Helping you heal so you can thrive at home.

Are you seeking a guide to help you heal, recuperate, recover, and regain strength on your journey from hospital-to-home? We’ll help you stay close, get well, and go home.

Charleston Transitional Care provides you a fresh, new option to help you recover from procedures, illness, and conditions. We offer a high-level of clinical care in a new, high-end state-of-the-art environment featuring only private rooms and a number of unique amenities.

To help get you stronger and prepared to thrive back at home after your hospital stay, we offer clinical services to meet your specific needs, including

  • on-site physician coverage (at least one physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant on site 5+ days a week)
  • on-site rehabilitation therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy)
  • nursing and pharmacy services
  • diagnostic services and various on-site interventions

Recovery Needs Met

  • Post Hip / Knee / Joint Replacement
  • Post Cardiac Care
  • Post Neuro / Spinal Surgeries
  • Post Respiratory Procedures
  • Post Accident / Wound Management
  • Post Colon / Digestive Surgeries
  • Post Elective Procedures (Cosmetic / Athletic)
(Note: This is a sampling only. Contact us for more information.)

Stay Close. Get Well. Go Home.



3819 Chesterfield Avenue
Charleston, WV 25304


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